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Self-produced dance choreography video for the University of Oregon's K-pop dance group.

As a multifaceted video producer, editor, and lighting enthusiast, I spearheaded an exciting project at the University of Oregon, working individually to create a captivating dance video for the talented K-pop dance cover group, K.Aire.

With meticulous attention to detail, I took charge of every aspect of video production, from conceptualization to execution. Collaborating closely with the trained dancers, I ensured
clear communication and seamless coordination, orchestrating camera choreography that highlighted their electrifying moves and showcased their dynamic performances.

In addition to my expertise in video production and editing, I also brought my lighting prowess to the forefront. Through careful set-lighting design, I crafted a visually stunning atmosphere that enhanced the group's energy and brought their dance routines to life.

The result of this individual production effort was a mesmerizing K-pop dance cover video that captured the essence of K.Aire's talent and showcased the University of Oregon's vibrant dance culture. The video, featured on K.Aire's Instagram page, garnered positive attention and admiration from their growing fan base and the broader community.

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