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Marketing & Advertising Communications Specialist



Aided in project management by utilizing software to organize and learn timeline creation to research freelancers for a unique deliverable to promote a brand on live-national-TV.

As a Production Intern behind the Lunchables Food Sculpture PR Campaign, I supported a team of creative professionals at Zeno Group to create a captivating and media-worthy project. Our goal was to showcase the innovative potential of Lunchables through a mesmerizing food sculpture, crafted in collaboration with renowned food artist, Jason Mecier.

Throughout the project, my role encompassed meticulous project management and the strategic scouting of the perfect freelancer to bring our vision to life. By partnering with Mecier, whose exceptional talent and attention to detail aligned seamlessly with our objectives, we successfully executed this groundbreaking campaign.

IMG_5228 (1).webp

The culmination of our efforts resulted in the creation of a truly remarkable food sculpture that showcased the artistry of Lunchables. The sculpture garnered significant attention and was featured on national television, including appearances on the esteemed late-night show hosted by Stephen Colbert and the renowned CBS Morning program.

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