Create content around topics that the target audience can relate to and provide their unique perspective by launching Steve Ballmer’s philanthropic brand on the fastest growing social media platform of all time.


Kate Bossi, Ben Cadwell, Paula Costal, Hunter Dennis, Crystal Franklin, Rachel Fredericks, Maddie Horn, Stella Kalomiris, Micheal Lovett, Kelsey Munger, Kevin Orr, Hunter Reed, Maggie Salter, Chloe Sherman, Jess Thompson

Strategy Deck:

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Created by Kate Bossi and Hunter Dennis.

TikTok Content Production

One of the main reasons for approaching TikTok content was to creatively represent data in more interesting and comprehensible ways. Scale it down. Make some comparisons. Put it in perspective to create an understanding.

Through this, I worked with the team of creatives to develop a plan for TikTok content for this brand on the platform.

Individually, I was responsible for the primary video production for all TikToks. This included video editing, video-production of TikToks, captioning, specific formatting for TikTok video guidelines, and incorporating brand guidelines.

These TikToks were all posted on the USAFacts TikTok account.