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Marketing & Advertising Communications Specialist



Produced social media content for a non-profit organization as part of an advertising campaign.

As the Director of Production for Allen Hall Advertising, I played a pivotal role in supervising a full team of creatives, project managers, and account managers to produce compelling social media content from scratch for our esteemed client, USAFacts.

Leading the end-to-end creative process, I guided the team through brainstorming sessions, fostering collaboration and creative ideation. From there, I assumed the lead role in video editing, production, and post-production, ensuring the delivery of visually stunning and data-driven videos that effectively communicated complex information in a captivating manner.

Beyond video production, I also spearheaded the content workflow, working closely with the team to prepare and organize all media assets for optimal usage across various social media platforms. This involved meticulous file management, quality control, and strategic deployment to ensure consistent brand messaging and impactful online presence.

Collaboration was the cornerstone of this project, as I liaised with the diverse talents within the team, leveraging their skills to bring the client's vision to life. Together, we successfully created engaging social media content that showcased the data-driven insights of USAFacts, capturing the attention and fostering engagement with their target audience.

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